About Us


Co-operative Housing Ireland is Ireland’s national federation for the cooperative housing sector. Since its foundation in 1973 co-operative housing has:
• Supported the provision of approximately 5,000 homes across a mix of tenures,
• Taken responsibility for the ongoing management of 2,000 homes available at affordable rents,
• Promoted the development of locally affiliated co-operative societies across Ireland,
• Provided wider community development opportunities such as Childcare Services.


We are a co-operative of co-operatives, currently working with ten affiliated societies in Dublin, Leinster, Munster, and Connacht. Our local structure means that housing services are always locally owned and locally managed.


Information about joining a co-operative and access to co-operative housing is available here.

Our Strategy for 2015 - 2020 can be accessed here.

A copy of our most recent Annual Report can be accessed here.

A copy of our Annual Report for 2015 can be accessed here

A copy of our Annual Report for 2014 can be accessed here.

A copy of our Annual Report for 2013 can be accessed here.


A publication marking the Association's 40th Anniversary in 2013, which contains a history of the co-operative housing movement in Ireland, can be accessed here


The work of Co-operative Housing Ireland is supported by funding from the DHPCLG through the Scheme to Support National organisations.