Brookview Childcare and Community Service

Brookview Childcare and Community Service, working with Dublin South Co-operative, offers childcare places for preschool-aged children, 2 ½ years to 5 years old, and an Afterschool Programme for school children aged 5-12 years.

At Brookview, we work closely with our children’s parents and families in order to involve them in their children’s care. As care providers, we meet regularly to discuss the progress of their child or children and work together on planning for them. We also offer our parents support and provide a parents room equipped with an information library with childcare and related books and leaflets, the use of internet and telephone access if required, with tea and coffee provided.

We are currently implementing a parents’ volunteer panel that will encourage greater involvement from our parents within the service. Parents will be encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with us so as to enhance the delivery of service. We have a range of Gardaí vetted volunteers arranged through the South County Volunteer Centre, who work as part of our team on a daily basis. All are very dedicated to their work within the childcare sector.

We run a family morning each month that covers various themes and plays host to visitors such as local Gardaí, Public Health Nurses, the local pet store, dental nurses etc. These days have proven very effective and parents have contributed a lot of their time and efforts to us.

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At our multi-cultural day, our parents baked and cooked food from around the world, such as Latvian summer cake and paella from Spain, all beautifully presented & prepared. Families chatted and related to each other, finding common ground. More recently, we held a community involvement week inviting members of the local co-operative and families within the service to join in on painting and planting in the childcare service garden. We also had a community fun day, with a play-bus and magician, which was a great success.

High/Scope is the name of the curriculum we implement in Brookview Child and Community. High/Scope is an evidence-based programme that holds many benefits for children, including opportunities to explore and actively learn, encouraging independence, and helping children gain self-confidence.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we have earned our Certificate of Validation, with an overall Quality Rating Level 4 (the highest rating possible) from Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education.


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