A record-breaking year for Co-operative housing Ireland



Co-operative housing Ireland delivered a record number of homes in 2019.


This year 371 homes have been provided by CHI, throughout Ireland in Wexford, Offaly, Carlow, Kilkenny, Dublin, Clare, Cork, Limerick, Cavan, Kilkenny, Kerry, Wicklow, Mayo, Roscommon, Laois, Galway, and Tipperary.


Castlehyde Park, New Ross, Co. Wexford

Kieron Brennon, CEO Co-operative housing Ireland said, “Hundreds of families throughout Ireland will share Christmas in the comfort of a secure home because of the hard work and dedication of the CHI Board, staff and our key partners. They include the local authorities and developers we work with, and the Housing Finance Agency, all of whom make an essential contribution.


“We’re thrilled to have provided more homes in 2019 than ever before in a single year, but that’s not enough for us, nor should it be. We’re still in the midst of a housing crisis, and the CHI team look forward to working harder, and providing even more homes in the year ahead.”

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