Co-operators gather in Cape Town

International Co-operators gather in Cape Town

Co-operators from across the world gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, this week to discuss plans to deliver the ‘Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade’ – an ambitious plan to make co-operative enterprise by 2020:

  • the acknowledged leader in economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • the model preferred by people
  • the fastest growing form of enterprise.

Leading on delivering the vision will be Dame Pauline Green, who was re-elected to her position as President of the ICA for another term.  At the General Assembly, Dame Pauline unveiled a new ‘co-operative marque’ that will help to unify and identify co-operatives around the world.  NABCO will adopt and use the marque in all its communications over the coming weeks.

Prior to the official opening of the General Assembly, NABCO’s CEO, Dr. Niall O’Keeffe, was elected Vice-President of ICA Housing.  ICA Housing is the specialist organisation representing the 20 million member-residents of housing co-operatives around the world.

The International Co-operative Alliance is the global movement representing 1 billion co-operators around the world.  Together, their work secures the livelihoods of half the world’s population.