Co-operative Manifesto for European elections

NABCO, Ireland’s national body for the co-operative housing movement, has announced its support for the 2014 European Co-operative manifesto.  The manifesto has been produced by Cooperatives Europe, which represents 123 million co-operative members across the continent.

The manifesto shares a vision of:

  • A Europe that focuses on a real economy, serving people’s needs and aspirations rather than financial markets,
  • A Europe with a resilient and innovative economy that allows a diverse range of business models to flourish,
  • A Europe in which young people are equipped to realise their entrepreneurial aspirations, and
  • A Europe with an environment that supports the start-up and growth of people-centred businesses.

The full manifesto can be downloaded here.  More information on Cooperatives Europe, the European region of the International Co-operative Alliance, can be found here.