Co-operatives are focus of Convergence 2015

Convergence is a sustainable living festival that Cultivate Living and Learning have curated since 2000. For this, the 20th Convergence, a number of workshops, facilitated conversations, field trips and conferences organized by different co-operatives, or organisations promoting co-ops, are being offered across the island.

The events will build on Ireland’s rich tradition of co-operatives and the current interest in; community ownership; co-housing; social enterprise; renewable energy co-operatives; co-working; community owned pubs and shops; buyers clubs; artist and food co-ops; and the emerging collaborative economy.

The co-operative model now, as much as ever, could play a significant role in the economic recovery of this country as well as fostering innovation, providing sustainable livelihoods, contributing to the regeneration of local areas and helping to strengthen the resilience of our communities.

The events are supported by Co-operative Alliance Ireland, representing Ireland’s leading co-operative organisations – NABCO, ICOS and the Irish League of Credit Unions.

A copy of the full programme for Convergence can be downloaded here.