Conversations with – Dr. Katriona O’Sullivan

Co-operative Housing Ireland held a conversation with Dr. Katriona O Sullivan in honour of International Women’s Day. The theme of the day was ‘Women in Leadership’. At 15, Katriona was expecting her first child and living in a squat – today she is a lecturer and researcher in psychology. She spoke to us about her experiences of education as a young person, barriers in education and the importance of having a safe secure home.

You can watch the full conversation below:

About Dr. Katriona O’Sullivan

As a Teenager Katriona dropped out of school, despite being academically bright, as she dealt with a crisis pregnancy, homelessness and isolation. Despite an incredibly tough setback, she’s achieved a lot in life and her career.

She has developed a significant body of work evaluating the impact of programmes which attempt to raise the educational aspirations of underrepresented students.

Her work seeks to increase the capacity of teachers to develop teaching practices which match the 21st century workplace. She is currently partnering with Oxford Department of Education on the impact of alternative access routes to higher education on students’ capability to participate.

Katriona herself is a graduate from the Trinity Access Programme; she completed a BA in Psychology in TCD in 2008 and a PhD in Psychology in 2012. She has held teaching positions in UCD and DBS, lecturing in a range of Psychology and research method modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level and also taught on the Foundation Course in the Trinity Access Programmes for 8 years.