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One of our main objectives as an organisation is to ensure that our members are provided with the skills and training necessary to understand what co-operative housing is and how they can maximise their involvement in their co-operative communities right across the country.


With that in mind, we’ve developed ‘Co-operative Housing in Ireland 101’ to allow our members an insight into the history of the co-operative movement and co-operative housing more specifically, both internationally and in Ireland, and the nitty-gritty of what being a member of Co-operative Housing Ireland is all about. This online course is free, can be completed at your leisure and is open to non-members also. Happy learning!


Course outline:



  • Navigating this course
  • What are co-operatives?
  • Social rented housing in Ireland
  • The history of co-operatives

How do housing co-operatives work

  • The role of housing co-operatives
  • Co-operative membership

The next step

  • About Co-operative Housing Ireland
  • The structure of local co-operatives
  • Your next steps



Fiona Dunkin