Irish civil society publishes briefing on European Semester

The Better Europe Alliance had published a guide to Europe 2020 and the European Semester.  The easy-to-understand guide sets out the importance of the Europe 2020 Strategy for coordinating social, environmental and economic goals across Europe. It also outlines how the European Semester is used to ensure that national and EU policies, including commitments in the Stability and Growth Pact are aligned.


The Better Europe Alliance comprises leading Irish civil society organisations including representatives of the community and voluntary sector, trade union movement and environmental pillar.  The Alliance has engaged with the Oireachtas and European Commission representation in Ireland to promote a more balanced approach to the European Semester.


NABCO has participated in the Alliance as part of a national pilot of a project by the European Alliance for a Democratic, Social, Sustainable European Semester.  The interests of tenants of co-operative and public housing in the European Alliance are represented by Housing Europe.

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