“It was great to finally be able to tell the kids that this is our forever home – this is where we’re going to live”

Amanda and her family lived in six homes in the last five years before finally settling into their forever home with CHI this month. Amanda worked in childcare, but after Daragh her partner had a car accident and after Covid-19 hit, she has decided to care full time for their children. She shared her story as part of our ‘No Place like Home’ campaign.

“It’s the not knowing how long you’re going to get to live somewhere when you’re renting that really gets to you, especially with kids. Knowing that this is going to be our forever home has made a huge impact on us – it’s an unbelievable sense of security”, Amanda says.  

Daragh and Amanda have been together for almost 14 years and have two small kids together. Daragh works in haulage driving a 40-foot lorry from Dublin to Athlone. The hours are unsociable but he’s happy and it’s better than having to navigate the city centre making smaller deliveries which is what he was doing before.

“When I told my daughter Áine, who’s six, that we were moving again her first reaction was, ‘oh no, we’re not moving again.’ I had to explain to her that this was going to be our forever home. She couldn’t believe it because it was our sixth move in five years,” Amanda says.  

Woman in pink jumper and a girl and boy in their navy school uniforms sat on the wall outside their beautiful home.
“With CHI, our rent is determined off household income which provides real security to our family”

Amanda and Daragh’s story is not uncommon for many of CHI’s members. They experienced eviction when landlords told them they were selling up and had to share with Daragh’s parents for four months. Daragh’s brother and his brother’s partner and child were also living at home at the time, it was a squeeze for them all.

“The cost of renting has been overwhelming. One of the houses we rented had previously been €900 per month a few years prior to us moving in, but it was rented to us for €1,250. With CHI, our rent is determined off household income which provides real security to our family.”

Amanda loves taking on projects, diving headfirst in to crocheting and reading. Daragh likes the slower pace, and regularly fishes in the nearby canal. They are both looking forward to settling in properly and putting some homely touches on their new place.