Joining a Co-op
Membership of a housing co-operative is open to anyone who is in need of housing or re-housing. You must be willing and able to accept the responsibilities of membership and the accommodation available must be appropriate for you.

The gateway to membership of a housing co-operative is through being included on your Local Authority’s housing waiting list. Existing Local Authority tenants may also be considered, subject to a previous good tenancy record.

When a local co-operative vacancy occurs, or when a new co-operative housing project is being developed, applicants for co-operative housing are sought. Applicants who are interested in co-operative housing as a solution to their housing needs are drawn from the waiting list of the Local Authority area where the house or houses are located.

Social rented co-operative housing is allocated on the basis of Local Authority housing waiting lists only.  We do not maintain a separate waiting list for co-operative housing. In order to be considered for membership of a housing co-operative, ensure that you have ticked the boxes marked ‘Rented Local Authority Accommodation’ and ‘Voluntary/Co-operative Housing’ on your Local Authority housing application form.

The rent for a co-operative social rented home is based on the income and household circumstances of each member. Rents generally range between 15% and 17% of incomes.

More information about applying for housing through your local authority can be found at this link.

A handbook for current co-operative members can be downloaded here.