NABCO Wins National Q Mark Title

At the National Q Mark Awards in Dublin this evening, NABCO received an award for its quality management systems. The Association has been a member of the EIQA, which awards the Q Mark, since 2013.

Speaking after the awards, NABCO Director of Housing and Quality Management Systems, Jan Mingle said: “Both staff and members of NABCO have made a sustained commitment to continuous quality improvement over a number of years and this award is a really welcome recognition of that hard work.”

Irene Collins, Managing Director of The National Q Mark Awards said, “There is a healthy energy and team spirit within NABCO. Their ability to manage 1800 social rented houses through a network of local co‑operatives across Ireland whilst maintaining a robust quality management system is admirable. Congratulations to everyone in the network.”

NABCO is the national association representing, promoting and developing the co-operative housing movement in Ireland. They have supported people to meet their own housing needs since 1973. They continue to manage 1,800 social rented homes through a network of local co‑operatives across Ireland. They are members of the International Co-operative Alliance.