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Co-operative view on the review of Rebuilding Ireland

Co-operative Housing Ireland has made a submission to the Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government (DHPLG) on the review of Rebuilding Ireland calling for a radical review of Irish housing policy.  In the submission, which can be accessed here, we propose:

  • Recognising the need for a radically different long-term approach to housing provision and developing a comprehensive new plan to meet this need
  • Expanding the objectives of the plan to recognise the right of every household to secure, decent, affordable accommodation
  • Sustaining and improving housing quality standards in terms of space and environmental performance
  • Phasing out the practice of providing social housing through the private rental sector
  • Achieving meaningful security of tenure by reviewing the reasons provided for terminating tenancies
  • Ending the practice of housing homeless families in emergency accommodation through an expansion of social housing provision
  • Radically re-assessing the policy objectives around mixed tenure housing and the scale of social housing provision
  • Supporting the capacity of AHBs and reviewing the Payment and Availability Agreement
  • Developing a more active approach to the management development lands
  • Exploring a range of fiscal measures that could boost supply and support affordability
  • Urgently supporting innovation in rental provision including affordable rental and co-housing
  • Developing a more proactive approach to supporting the re-use of vacant properties