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Information for rental co-operative members

From April of this year, Co-operative Housing Ireland, along with all other approved housing bodies, was brought under the remit of the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), when the relevant sections of the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015 came into effect.  The process is under way to register existing tenancies with the Board.

There will be no noticeable difference to the tenancies of co-operative members – security of tenure will not change, the quality service from local offices and staff will continue to be provided and tenants should continue to contact them with any requests or complaints.

Co-operative rents will continue to be reviewed annually.

There will be some differences in the manner in which notice is served to the small number of co-operative members who breach the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement.  Also, if there is a dispute around the ending of a tenancy, the matter will now come before the RTB for adjudication instead of the District Court.

The RTB will contact all our members once the registration process is completed over the next few months.

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The Residential Tenancies Acts 2004 to 2015 are available on