Retrofitting homes for a comfortable future

Co-operative Housing Ireland recently began works with Kingdom Installations at Westcourt, Dublin 8, to retrofit energy upgrades at the estate as part of the SEAI’s National Home Retrofit scheme. The scheme is a key initiative of the Government’s climate action plan to reduce domestic emissions from six million tonnes in 2017 to less than four million tonnes by 2030 through retrofitting 500,000 homes. We were delighted to have the project featured on RTÉ news as part of Earth Day coverage.

Futureproofing maintenance and improving our homes

Westcourt is one of three CHI estates, 135 homes in total, that CHI will upgrade as part of the National Home Retrofit Scheme. Kingdom Installation Ltd have been appointed as project coordinator for the three sites. CHI will pay 40% of the cost of upgrades while the remaining funds will be provided by the SEAI (50%) and SSE Airtricity (10%).

All homes at Westcourt have an average existing BER rating of D2. After the upgrading works have been completed, the homes’ BER rating will increase dramatically to B2 or higher in accordance with the scheme’s requirements.

Basin street view of Westcourt, Dublin 8, which is being retrofitted with energy upgrades as part of the SEAI’s National Home Retrofit scheme.

Improving conditions for our Members

Futureproofing maintenance costs, value for money and ensuring comfortable living conditions for our Members is paramount to CHI.  Our Member survey last December showed heating and fuel poverty is a real issue for those living in CHI homes. As well as the environmental benefits of such a scheme, the energy efficiency measures support good physical and mental health by creating healthy indoor living environments.

Sketch of Westcourt and surrounding areas by local CHI Housing Officer Michael Hopkins.

What will works entail?

As part of these works at Westcourt, existing gas boilers are being replaced with air to water heat pumps, old hardwood windows and doors will be replaced with new ones. Heat retention in homes will be improved by insulating the attics and pumping insulation into the cavities. Open fireplaces will be blocked, and background and mechanical ventilation will be installed. When works are completed, energy running costs will be reduced by at least 40%-50% for Members and will greatly increase the comfort levels in each home.

Kingdom Installations reached out to CHI several years’ ago with a model of completing homes in large clusters which has proven to be very successful due to the scale of economy in achieving excellent value for money, speed of delivery and efficiency of management due to their being many homes being completed in the one site.

We look forward to the completion of the retrofit and the added benefits to Members that they will provide.