“The upgrades have made a huge impact on our home and daily living”

CHI was delighted to have SEAI upgrades undertaken by Kingdom Installations at Kilcronan Court in Clondalkin last year.

SEAI upgrades range from new insulation to heating control improvements and make warmer and more energy efficient homes. Member Roslyn Byrne spoke to us about her experience of the upgrades and how her family have been coping during Covid-19.

“We moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Kilcronan estate 11 years ago. Four years ago, we were thrilled to move into one of the houses here which was a great improvement. My son who is the youngest in our family was sleeping in my bedroom with me until that point. He’s seven now so the house came at a good time. We have three kids, two daughters and one son. Our eldest is now 16. Having space is a real necessity for us with a growing family.

“We were delighted to have some SEAI upgrades done to our home over the summer. We got new windows, new external front and back doors, the attic was insulated, and a new air to water heating system was installed. Our home was already cavity insulated, but I believe other houses in the estate had this done too. We were concerned with Covid-19 that the upgrades wouldn’t go ahead, but CHI made huge efforts to get it done. All the contractors were very respectful of our space and kept socially distanced. They always wore foot and face coverings and sanitised thoroughly before engaging in any work. While the work was taking place, we went to the community centre here and played some pool. It was fantastic to have a space to go to while work was being carried out. Several families used it – one at a time of course – and we sanitised when we arrived and before we left.

“The upgrades have made a huge impact on our home and daily living. We can regulate the temperature much easier and our bills have been cut in half. It has been a cold winter, but I estimate our bills are now between €35 to €40 a week. During the summer months this will be much lower, especially when restrictions lift, and we’re not spending as much time at home. We always have hot water now with the new system too, whereas before we would have to put the immersion on for at least an hour before we used it. It is great to consistently have hot water at the turn of a tap for the kids to wash, or to wash your hands and keep the place sanitised.

“Life during the pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, but I’m so impressed with how the kids have been handling it. My eldest has been very understanding and mature about not being able to go out and spend time with her friends. I work in B&Q which is classed as an essential service. It was very busy during the first lockdown, the whole country was painting or doing home improvements. Thankfully, it’s a bit calmer now. My son has underlying conditions so like most people we are very much looking forward to when things go back to normal.”