“There is life beyond the pandemic and so many things to look forward to”

We were delighted earlier this year to welcome residents to the brand-new development, Hazelbrook Rise, part of the Avoca Co-op. One such resident is Winifred Kelly.

“I feel very lucky to move into a new home this year. I work with the Simon Community and sometimes work at home due to Covid-19.  In Simon, we have our fingers on the pulse of a lot of social issues presented by the pandemic. Having a good space to work at home has made such an impact on my routine and outlook in life.

Before Covid-19, I unfortunately lost my partner, he’d been sick for a while. It was extremely difficult to be grieving when news headlines were about Covid-19 related issues and people lost to the virus.

It’s been a tough year but moving into my new home has been incredibly positive for me. The space is stunning. I have rented for years and I don’t think I have ever had a place this nice. I love the communal garden and I can open the double doors when there’s fine weather and enjoy it even more. The community here look out for each other in whatever way we can.

I’m feeling hopeful for the future and excited about returning to activities I was involved in. Before Covid-19, I volunteered with a charity that supports Native Americans in the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota, USA. I took part in an online arts event they held recently and was surprised at how much of a lift that gave me. There is life beyond the pandemic and so many things to look forward to.”