About Us

Co-operatives are different – they provide their members with control over issues that matter to them. Co-operative housing represents another way of building strong, sustainable communities.

In this section, you can learn more about co-operation as a model for working together. You can also find out more about the different types of housing co-operatives and how to start or join a co-operative in your area.

The values of social justice and equality, which underpin the work of Co-operative Housing Ireland, has led to our partnership with the Irish Red Cross through their Refugee Resettlement Programme. In collaboration with the agency and Local Authorities, we are working to provide homes for Syrian refugees in various parts of Ireland. We are pleased to undertake this role and to work closely with the Irish Red Cross in meeting part of Ireland’s commitment under the Migrant Immigration Strategy.

The challenge of meeting housing need in Ireland is enormous. Co-operative Housing Ireland has been at the forefront of policy discussions with Government and its agencies, in addressing the issues and working to find solutions to the current housing crisis. We have maintained strong relationships across the housing sector in Ireland, and were among the founding members of the Housing Alliance. It brings together six of the largest Approved Housing Bodies in Ireland, Co-operative Housing Ireland, Oaklee, Circle, Respond, Clúid, and Tuath to provide a collective voice for the sector. It also offers opportunities for knowledge-sharing across organisations. As the role of AHBs within housing policy in Ireland continues to expand and evolve, collaboration will be especially important.