Our Mission
Our mission is to lead the development of social, economic and environmental sustainability in Ireland through co-operative effort and the provision of co-operative housing in particular.

We are the national organisation representing, promoting and developing co-operative housing in Ireland. Since our foundation in 1973, we have provided over 5,700 homes through home-ownership, shared ownership, and social rented co-operatives. With our membership of democratically controlled local co-operatives, we continue to manage 2,400 homes across Ireland as well as providing a network of childcare services in our communities.

As one of the leading national voices for co-operation in Ireland, we collaborate with other co-operative organisations to promote our model. We are members of the Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partnership and participate in numerous forums on housing and social policy. In addition, we are members of the Housing Alliance, which brings together six of the largest Approved Housing Bodies in Ireland.

Internationally, we are members of Housing Europe and the International Co-operative Alliance, including its sector groups; Cooperatives Europe and Co-operative Housing International.

We are accountable to the Voluntary Regulation Code for Approved Housing Bodies and are regulated as a Tier 3 (larger) Approved Housing Body. We are also a registered charity and have signed the Governance Code for voluntary and charitable organisations.