Co-operative Housing Ireland promotes the creation of new housing co-operatives and supports the good management of existing affiliated co-operative housing societies.


Legal Registration of New Co-operative Housing Societies

Co-operative Housing Ireland provides the standard Model Rules (template rules) to support the registration of a new co-operative housing society under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1893 – 1978.

The registration procedure, administered by the Registrar of Friendly Societies, provides limited liability status and is traditionally used by co-operatives for legal incorporation.

The adoption of our Model Rules by a co-operative housing society reduces the cost of legal formation and registration.

The Rules contain stated aims concerned with the relief of housing needs and the provision and management of housing for community benefit. Based on the co-operative principles, the Rules provide a legal constitution for membership, management committees, meetings, voting, statutory duties and the governance of a co-operative housing society.

Co-operative Housing Ireland provides advice and guidance about the legal registration procedures and the related duties. This includes consideration of the resources required for a housing co-operative, its purposes and the ongoing management and financial accounting responsibilities involved, prior to the application for registration.

The Model Rules provided by us for the registration of a co-operative housing society also meet the requirements for applications to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, to be registered as an Approved Housing Body.

Information, Advice and Training

Advisory Talks

Co-operative Housing Ireland provides information and advisory talks to assist those:

  • considering the formation of a housing co-operative;
  • interested in the role, organisation, activity and development of the co-operative housing movement.
Training Programme

We conduct an education and training programme for our members. The Programme consists of short modular courses dealing with governance, finance, housing policy, communications and leadership.

Information and Guidance Support for Affiliated Housing Co-operatives

We assist affiliated co-operative housing societies with

  • Delivery of advance information and familiarisation/training programmes for applicants seeking membership in new co-operative housing developments.
  • Preparation of handbooks of information, policies and procedures, providing guidelines and standards for co-operative management, governance, administration and housing services.
  • Guidance for financial accounting, staff employment and member/customer care.